Op-Ed: Virtual real estate is booming: Benefits of buying properties in the metaverse | Ezine Daddy

👋 Do you want to work with us? CryptoSlate is hiring for a handful of positions! The Metaverse is a booming industry with artists, musicians, and numerous companies from different industries eager to jump on the bandwagon. Who would have thought back then that investment giants, fashion brands, tech giants and everyday users would use … Read more

Avanath Capital Management Acquires 100th Asset  | Ezine Daddy

Avanath Capital Management, LLC, a private real estate investment manager and registered investment adviser, has celebrated its 100th anniversaryth Asset: A $315 million mixed-use portfolio of two multi-family units with ground floor retail space in Brooklyn, New York. The portfolio, which includes 601 affordable and market standard residential and commercial units, qualifies for New York … Read more

Washington REIT: Shares Are Starting To Look Unappealing (NYSE:WRE) | Ezine Daddy

Kwarkot/iStock via Getty Images In times of market turmoil, REITs are a bastion of safety that investors can gravitate to. In general, these are rather stable prospects from a fundamental perspective. They often offer attractive returns because of the large amounts of cash that they pay out relative to their cash flows. And that picture … Read more

6 Real Estate Investments That Could Accelerate Your Retirement | Ezine Daddy

There are many paths to building the wealth needed for a comfortable retirement, and it’s not necessary to choose just one. In fact, it’s probably not advisable. Diversification is a key principle in investing. Stocks and bonds and other fixed investments should be an important part of your retirement strategies, to varying degrees over time, … Read more

There’s Plenty of Outsized Opportunity in This Plus-Sized Retailer | Ezine Daddy

Target XL (NASDAQ:DLG) is suffering the same negative effects as the rest of the retail industry from runaway inflation, rising gas prices and a disrupted supply chain. The men’s clothing store chain for big and tall consumers continues to enjoy strong sales and profit growth. It’s a major reversal for the company, which two years … Read more

Roman Abramovich’s St. Barts Ties Are Larger Than Previously Known | Ezine Daddy

Universal Images Group via Getty Images The Russian billionaire appears to own at least one other property in St Barts that has not been previously reported. In 2009, Roman Abramovich reportedly paid $90 million for his 70-acre estate on the Caribbean island of St. Barts, a French overseas territory. It was one of 41 properties … Read more