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In times of low interest rates on loans, investing in a rental apartment has never been so tempting. Lest you start without knowing what to expect, here are six questions to ask yourself before investing in real estate for your business.

First, make your intentions as clear as possible. Do you want to create real estate assets? Bring additional income to your business or reduce taxes? Then assess your means and make sure you have a fairly stable financial base that will keep you from taking unnecessary risks.

When your goal is crystal clear and you are confident that you can get started without a hitch, you will find it much easier to find the right property type for your investment strategy and investor profile.

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2. What types of financial flows come into play?

Be careful. Make sure you’re not just considering the rent and monthly payment. Depending on the type of property, additional costs must be planned, e.g. B. Administrative fees, rental insurance if you use an agency, and condominium fees. Different fees may also apply depending on the country where the property you are investing in is located. Also consider taxes. Any movement of money must be balanced upstream.

Always remember to have a work space ready, especially to plan when your tenants move in and out, but also for any spot repairs. Likewise, depending on your investment area as well as the status previously chosen, the rent your property earns can integrate your total income, which can have a significant impact on your taxation. If your investment fails, returns can suffer seriously. Consider all of these elements.

3. Have I carefully researched the potential of the area I want to invest in?

This is a very important point that largely determines the return on your investment and its lifespan. Unfortunately, we tend not to thoroughly examine the potential of an investment’s target area. Many investors choose a city under the pretext that they know the area well, know where the attractive parts of the city are and where the good addresses are.

Knowing the environment of a property requires being aware of certain analysis criteria that are not only acquired by living in one place. So examine the number of vacant apartments, the development of infrastructures and the size of the employment pool. You also need to educate yourself about the companies that are hiring, and in particular about the supply/demand relationship.

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