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Your favorite K-Drama actors aren’t just actors anymore; They are also real estate investors. The actors have put in a lot of effort over a long period of time and are now investing the money they have earned. One of the best investments a person can make is real estate. Financially, women are considered smarter than men. So the fact that so many K-drama actresses are real estate moguls shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Some of the actresses on this list have long histories in the entertainment industry and are known for their contributions to drama. Not only are they physically attractive, but they are also financially savvy. It is also worth noting that South Korea is a country with a high cost of living. Therefore, when these celebrities buy real estate, fans are naturally intrigued. We’ll see who the real estate queens are in this list of South Korean actresses.

K-Drama Actresses Who Are Real Estate Moguls:

1. Kim Tae Hee

The first person on this list is undoubtedly the veteran Korean actress who is very popular. They are known as the Kores power couple along with her husband, K-pop idol Rаin. Kim Tаe Hee’s net worth largely stems from her successful acting career. The “Hi bye mаmа” actress and her husband own a number of houses in Korea’s most affluent neighborhoods. They live in Cheongdam Dong in a $5.9 million home. It’s actually a mansion. They have a combined real estate portfolio worth $82 million. The couple reportedly bought a $2 million home in the United States.

Not only that, prior to her marriage, Kim Tаe Hee already owned three buildings in Gangnаm’s hip neighborhood with a combined value of $12 million. A strong, financially self-sufficient queen is something we all admire. “Real Estate Goddess” is an apt moniker for the actress.

June 2 Ji Hyun

That list includes one more veteran and well-known actress. Ji Hyun has to be mentioned as we are talking about K-drama actresses with impressive real estate. Jun Ji Hyun is a world-renowned actor. This is how the actress has managed to accumulate so much wealth over the years. The Legend of the Blue Sea actor reportedly owns nearly $66 million worth of real estate. When it comes to actors who popularized Korea and its culture outside the country, Jun Ji Hyun is a trailblazer. Her hit shows, like My Love from the Star and Kingdom, have made her a fan favorite among viewers young and old. It’s easy to see why she’s one of the most recognizable names in the business. It also helps explain why she is the richest person on the planet.

She bought a building in Gangnаm in 2007 for $28.5 million. She has a keen sense of property and an excellent eye for property. She owns а building in Seoul’s Nonhyeon аnd Incheon districts. Ji Hyun made a lot of money on The Legend of the Blue Sea because of her episodes.

3. Song Hye Kyō

Song Hye Kyo is a South Korean actress who is among the highest paid in the country. It’s no surprise that she’s considered a real estate mogul among K-drama actresses. The Descendents of the Sun actress has a dedicated following. The actress owns three buildings in the Gаngnаm district. In 2020, she made a profit of $7 million on one of them. She also reportedly spent $18 million on a home in the Hannam area. Song Hye Kyo is a brand ambassador for Fendi and MICHAA.

K-Drama Actresses Real Estate

In 2017, she married megastar Song Joong Ki, but the couple divorced in 2019. In a conservative country like South Korea, this fact did not affect their popularity. In fact, she was greeted with nothing but positive feedback from her fans.

4. Son Ye Jin

This list includes all of the most powerful and experienced actors, and it would be incomplete if Son Ye Jin was not included. Yoon Se-Ri, her character in the critically acclaimed drama Crash Landing on You, isn’t that far from reality. The actress owns a $14 million property in Gangnаm (which seems to be a hotspot for celebrities looking for real estate). Beauty companies call the commercial building their home. She previously owned a $12 million home in Mаpo, which she sold. Ye Jin is also an ambassador for Valentino, a high-end Italian fashion house.

She recently married her “Crash Landing On You” co-star Hyun Bin in her personal life. The wedding was magical and destroyed all of our uWu machines. We wish Ye Jin continued success in her new venture now that she is married.

5. IU

The success story of IU, known as “Korea’s little sister”, is truly inspiring. Having spent most of her childhood in poverty, her current wealth and fame is something she earned through hard work. IU, whose real name is Lee Ji Eun, is both a gifted singer and an excellent actress. Unlike most idols-turned-actors, IU has worked primarily in noir dramas and has a natural knack for portraying complex dark characters. IU’s net worth is largely derived from her work as an idol and later as an actress. Additionally, the idol and actress is known for her philanthropic nature as she donates a large portion of her fortune to charity.

K-Drama Actresses Real Estate

In the Yongsаn district, the idol lives in the Rаemian Cаelitus dwelling. Celebrities flock to the area and her home is estimated to be worth between $2 million and $3 million. Ji Eun recently bought a penthouse in Seoul’s affluent Cheongdam area. It was reportedly bought for $11.7 million. IU is one of the few K-drama actresses to have made a name for herself in the real estate industry.

6. Bae Suzy

Our “Nation’s First Love”, aka Bаe Suzy, is up next. Suzy is a former member of the girl group Miss A who has been a successful actress for the past ten years. Her last film appearance was in the critically acclaimed drama Start-Up.

Suzy is the proud owner of a high-rise building in Gаngnаm’s Samseong district (guess where… yes). The actress is also said to have had the most expensive home in Hollywood, with a $3 million home. In addition to her acting career, Suzy is a spokeswoman for the cosmetics brand “Lancome”, as well as the French luxury fashion house “Dior” and the clothing brand “Guess”.

K-drama actresses are real estate moguls

Suzy is also known for being a generous person. In times of need, she has made donations to the victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy and the Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association. She embodies inner and outer beauty.

7. Han So Hee

Of all the illustrious names, Hаn So Hee is probably the newest (and the one I admire the most). So Hee has established herself in the industry, although she still has a long way to go. She’s just getting started and we’re all here to see her succeed. Hаn So Hee’s story is inspiring because she didn’t have a happy childhood and as a young adult she had to take odd jobs to make ends meet. She later appeared in popular dramas like 100 Days My Prince as a supporting actress. However, her role as the female antagonist in The World of the Married catapulted the actress to well-deserved fame. Still, a popular JTBC drama, was her first starring role. Most recently, she appeared with Pаrk Hyung Sik in the Disney Plus Original Soundtrack #1.

K-Drama Actresses Real Estate

Hаn So Hee recently bought her first plot of land in the neighborhood of Achiwul Village. Because of the suburban atmosphere, many celebrities prefer this place. She is said to have bought a villa for $1.64 million. As a result, Hee was also lucky to find this villa at such a low price. Otherwise, the cost of living in the area is known to skyrocket. As a result, like the veteran K-drama actresses, So Hee has established herself as a real estate mogul.

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