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Governor Lamont announces the launch of MyHomeCT: a federally funded mortgage relief program for Connecticut homeowners financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

(HARTFORD, CT) – Gov. Ned Lamont today announced the launch of MyHomeCT – a new Connecticut state program that provides mortgage relief to homeowners who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is funded with $123 million received by the Connecticut Department of Housing from the Federal American Rescue Plan Act and is managed by the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority.

“The public health crisis we have experienced over the past two years has had a significant impact on the ability of many homeowners to pay for their housing, which is why we are directing these funds towards much-needed support. ” said Governor Lamont. “Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act and the support of our congressional delegation, MyHomeCT will ease some of the financial burdens homeowners have been facing during this pandemic and help keep their homes stable. I encourage any homeowner who has been going through difficult times since the pandemic to learn more about the program and consider applying.”

The program provides grants to homeowners who are struggling to meet their mortgage obligations or other housing expenses due to a financial hardship related to COVID-19. For homeowners who meet eligibility requirements, this assistance may include taking out a current mortgage or paying future mortgage payments. Assistance is also available for other related housing costs, including but not limited to non-escrow property taxes, condominium and homeowners association fees, non-escrow homeowners insurance, and municipal tax liens. Homeowners can apply for up to $30,000 in grants, and payments are made directly to the mortgage administrator or lender.

To be eligible, an applicant must live in Connecticut and have the property as their primary residence. The applicant must also have experienced COVID-19 related financial hardship after January 21, 2020 or prior to that date, experienced financial hardship that was then exacerbated by the pandemic. The property must be a 1-4 unit owner-occupied home, condominium, townhouse, or prefabricated home. For a full list of eligibility criteria and program parameters, see www.chfa.org/MyHomeCT.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the severe crisis of affordable housing in our country,” said members of the Connecticut congressional delegation in a joint statement. “Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act, the Connecticut Department of Housing received $123 million to keep people in their homes. Connecticut families can apply through MyHomeCT for assistance paying their mortgage or other housing expenses.”

“Due to many unforeseen circumstances, such as losing jobs or the need to care for loved ones, thousands of Connecticut homeowners are now in the situation where they need assistance or are at risk of losing their homes.” Said Seila Mosquera-Bruno, commissioner of the Ministry of Housing. “The MyHomeCT program will fill a great need in our state by providing direct help to cure or prevent mortgage defaults and other home-related costs.”

“We encourage homeowners who have experienced financial difficulties during the pandemic to learn more about this very important assistance program, which is offering them a much-needed financial recovery lifeline.” Nandini Natarajan, executive director and CEO of the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, said. “Our primary goal is to keep people in their homes, and we will work hard to ensure that aid reaches eligible homeowners as quickly as possible.”

Homeowners looking for more information on MyHomeCT or wanting to apply have several ways to do so:

  • On-line: To read more information about the program or to apply online, visit www.chfa.org/MyHomeCT. This site also includes a short online questionnaire to help homeowners find out if they are eligible.
  • Personally: Homeowners who may need additional help or would like to speak to someone in person can visit one of several MyHomeCT resource centers across the state. For a list of these locations see www.chfa.org/MyHomeCT.
  • phone: Homeowners can call the MyHomeCT hotline at if they have any questions 877-894-4111.

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