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A 200 year old financial product – combined with real estate – can create financial freedom and an everlasting legacy.

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson added the phrase “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” It was inspired by the 17th-century scholar, philosopher, and thinker John Locke, who wrote “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property.”

Locke propounded the idea that community property or property is transformed into private property or property by the combination of a person’s mind, body, and hands—which belong to no one but that person’s. Since these are natural rights, the pursuit of private property is a right in and of itself. As a Crown dissenter, Locke insisted on liberty and civil rights. He inspired many other intellectuals and created an immense desire to undertake the great exodus to America and to pursue property, which history has proven many times to be an integral part of liberty.

The good that works

Why does real estate work so well? Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs explains that human motivation begins with basic survival needs – what he identifies as physiological needs. There can be no other motivation unless the basic level of human needs is first satisfied. One of these basic needs is housing.

Real estate houses everything in our country – businesses, retail stores, government and families. Everything is related to real estate. In America’s debt-based society, investors can be landlords with very little cash, protect themselves from inflation, and allow the tenant to pay off that debt, gain tax benefits, and receive cash flow on the side. There simply hasn’t been an asset in world history that has outperformed real estate over the long term.

Another benefit that works

Real estate is not foolproof. Despite the inherent benefits, there are inherent risks. Because of this, the richest individuals in the world have a comprehensive plan made up of other financial products and strategies that help mitigate these risks and contribute to their overall wealth growth.

One of them is the Perpetual Wealth Strategy. The key features of this asset are privacy, tax-free growth, and guaranteed funding.

The asset is a uniquely designed insurance policy offered by a mutual life insurance company. The purpose of the vehicle is to build liquid, instant wealth that can be used immediately. It is a personal banking system with no borders and tax protected. Discerning business owners and investors have been using this account as the basis of their wealth for hundreds of years.

So why is this account not mainstream today? For the rich, it is. For the rest of us, Wall Street has drowned out everything but its own financial agenda. But now, with the right advisor and a knowledgeable company, you too can create an effective foundation to grow your real estate profits. The key features are more valuable today than ever.


This unique asset is 100% private to the seekers. As I said, it is a private account that a private individual sets up with a private insurance company. As a real estate investor, you value asset protection – it’s a step you take to avoid circumstances that could jeopardize your wealth. This personal account can also protect your liquid capital.

Tax Free Growth

One of the biggest killers of wealth is taxes. The private banking system described here existed long before 1913, when the tax code was created. Today, it’s the only account where you have tax-free gains and aren’t forced to withdraw the money at a later date like you have to do with Roth IRAs – the other account that has a tax-free growth characteristic.

Guaranteed financing

A real estate investor’s best friend and worst enemy is finance. With good credit, money is cheap. When credit is bad, there is no money or it is drastically expensive.

The guaranteed funding feature allows an owner to borrow from this account at the interest rate they deserve. The loan is held by the mutual insurance company and is contractually guaranteed when you sign up for the account. You can borrow up to the full amount of your account.

The financing feature is like a line of credit, meaning that if you make payments on your main loan balance, you can take out another loan at any time – as long as the total loan balance does not exceed the total cash value in your account – with no further repayment obligation. Use it for any purpose – it’s an excellent starting capital for any real estate business.

Added bonus

There is another feature that sets this financial vehicle apart from all others: There is historical value. The estate value is paid out tax-free upon the death of the person who acquired the account.

Legacy Value can be extremely helpful for real estate investors who want their estate to own the property but perhaps not the debt used to purchase it. The bequest value can also serve as the sum placed in a trust so your heirs can attend college, go on family retreats, start a business, start a family bank, or invest in more real estate.

The largest system in the world

Using this unique real estate insurance account is one of the best ways to build wealth and financial freedom. Real estate, that unique insurance account, and the implementation of the velocity of money is a technique that financially successful people have used for generations. Now you too can implement the Perpetual Wealth Strategy.

This system is not taught by traditionally trained financial advisors. It is used by specialists who understand the value of the account based on the declared characteristics and, most importantly, how to apply it specifically to real estate.

Now is your chance to marry history’s most desirable asset (real estate) using the most time-tested financial vehicle available today to create wealth, financial freedom and a legacy for your family.

Gary Pinkerton is a wealth strategist, veteran, bestselling author, and real estate investor. His passions are freedom, small businesses, building wealth and legacies, and reducing taxes. He owns and helps others combine high cash value life insurance with real estate and alternative investments.

Pinkerton is a US Naval Academy graduate, commanded the nuclear-powered submarine USS TUCSON, was Pentagon divisional director for the Joint Chiefs, and was a senior ethics professor before retiring as captain.

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