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Agent Real Estate Schools is not one of our top rated real estate schools. You can find better options in our list of the best online real estate schools, in our opinion.

Agent Real Estate School offers courses for agents and brokers, including pre-licensing, exam prep and continuing education courses, as well as real estate management and administration courses. Classes are offered online and on campuses in Michigan and California. One of the unique offerings that the school offers are one-on-one tuition sessions between experienced teachers and students to help students better understand the course material and be better prepared for the real estate exam.

benefits explained

  • Multiple locations for courses on campus: California is a large state and there are campuses throughout the state, making taking an on-campus class more convenient. There are also a few locations in Michigan.
  • Licensing process described on the website: Helpful video and listed steps to prepare and apply for your real estate license. Linked state resources are also included.
  • Individual tutoring: One-to-one tuition is offered to pre-licensed students. This is helpful for additional exam preparation and to accommodate different learning styles.

Disadvantages explained

  • Outdated website: The website could use an overhaul. It’s slow, lacks features, and isn’t as high-tech as most other real estate schools. It also lacks helpful resources and career information for students.
  • No mobile app: The school does not have a downloadable mobile app, so it is not so easy to take lessons on the go. Instead, they work best from a home or work computer.
  • Only offered in two states: Courses are offered in California and Michigan only. So if you want to practice real estate in another state, this is not the school for you.

Available Courses

Agent Real Estate School offers real estate agent pre-licensing courses, agent pre-licensing courses, exam preparation and continuing education courses. It also offers a property management course and an office management course. Continuing education courses are required to keep your license in good standing and refresh your industry knowledge. They are designed to keep you up to date on new issues and property-related rule changes in your state. Unlike many other popular real estate schools, it doesn’t offer many additional professional classes or designations. So if you want to deepen your knowledge in a certain area, e.g. B. as a buyer’s agent or licensed community association manager, you will have to look at another school.

Seller Pre-Licensing

Seller pre-licensing courses are offered in California in two versions: Fast Track or Group Study. Fast Track is the cheapest option and costs $399. It is entirely online and includes a private meta forum; student orientation; and the required California courses on real estate principles, real estate practice, and legal aspects of real estate. Digital textbooks are included and physical textbooks can be purchased separately. Lesson overview videos, quizzes, and a free one-day online state exam prep course are also included.

The Group Study for California is the $599 in-person option and can be completed at one of the campuses. Dates, times and locations vary so it is best to contact the school directly for details. The package includes the required educational courses, optional physical or digital textbooks, optional physical or digital student guides, and live interactive webinars. Lesson overview videos, quizzes, and a one-day exam prep course are also included.

Michigan seller pre-licensing courses are offered entirely online. The Fast Track program costs $399 and includes all required courses, including Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals, 700+ practice questions, and a one-day prep course live online. Group Study is another option for prospective Michigan licensees. It offers unlimited online participation with a live instructor and includes Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals, exam practice questions, and a one-day live online prep course for $599.

exam preparation

Agent Real Estate Schools offers exam preparation in all of its pre-licensing packages. It also offers various exam preparation courses that are sold individually if you need extra help preparing for the exam. If you receive your license in Michigan or California, you can purchase a one-day prep course for $199 that provides group study content, practice questions, key concepts, and strategies for passing the state exam.

In addition, Michigan students can purchase a pack of over 700 practice questions for $99 that also includes keyword terms, student guides with fillable answers, and access to exam preparation webinars. If you prefer one-on-one help with studying for your exam, tutoring is available. It caters to students with a more kinesthetic learning style, meaning it’s a more hands-on learning experience. A tutoring six-pack is $240 and you can register online or by phone for more information on location and schedule.

Continuing education

The school offers a $59 continuing education package for California students. It includes 45 hours of real estate coursework and can be completed with PDF document downloads. There are also online quizzes and digital textbooks. Some course topics include contracts, disclosures and analysis of investment property.

More courses

In addition to the standard pre-licensing, exam preparation and continuing education courses, the school offers a property management course and a real estate agency management course. The Property Management course teaches a variety of management techniques for different types of property, including office buildings, industrial properties, and apartment buildings. The administration course teaches you the fundamentals of setting up an office, keeping it on track and making it a success. There are also courses on fiduciary and real estate valuation. Remember that these courses teach you the basics and do not count towards becoming a licensed agent.

Taking a property management course can help a realtor learn more about landlord-tenant relationships and can help increase knowledge of the rental market. It is helpful if you are planning to work with real estate investors.

course format

Courses are either online or in person. All courses include digital materials needed for instruction and meet the educational requirements of the state in which the courses are offered. Online courses are available immediately and there are a variety of dates, times and locations to choose from for in-person tuition.

Pre-licensing courses include online quizzes that are assessed; You can print tests to help you study. There are also glossaries, answer supplements, practice questions, and student guides with fillable question-and-answer keys.


The school has an overall positive reputation with former students as listed on third party websites. They like the style of teaching and that tutoring is available. However, Agent Real Estate Schools is not IDECC or ARELLO accredited. This means that the school does not meet any of the institutions’ strict accreditation criteria.


Agent Real Estate Schools offers courses for current and prospective real estate agents and real estate agents who wish to work in California or Michigan. Pre-licensing online courses are $399 and classroom courses are $599. Exam preparation courses start at $99 and continuing education packages that meet license renewal requirements are $59. Continuing education courses are priced competitively compared to other schools, but the other classes are at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Customer service

You can reach customer service through an online contact form, by email, or by calling 858-704-2700. The school has customer service representatives who answer the phone Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm PST.

You may also find the answer to one of your questions on their website in the FAQs or in the Steps to Your License section.

Competition: Agent Real Estate Schools vs. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is accredited by IDECC and ARELLO, which means the school has met the high standards of online education that both institutions require. It teaches real estate courses online in two formats, live stream and self-paced, but has no campus locations. It has positive reviews from alumni and is part of a large real estate education group of companies, McKissock. It offers pre-licensing courses in 39 states and Washington DC, and continuing education courses through its partners in all 50 states and Washington DC

We compared Real Estate Express to Agent Real Estate Schools because both schools in California and Michigan offer pre-license, exam prep, and continuing education courses online. However, there are some differences: Real Estate Express is accredited, offers multi-state courses in two online formats, is cheaper, and has ample student and career resources, which is why we recommend going with Real Estate Express.

Broker Real Estate Schools Real Estate Express
pricing $399+ for California pre-license $90.30+ for California pre-license
courses offered Real Estate Licensing, Education, Exam Prep, Administration and more Real Estate Licensing, Exam Prep and Ongoing Issuance
Number of state courses offered 2 50
course format Online and in the classroom at your own pace Live online and on demand

Final Verdict

Agent Real Estate Schools is a viable option if you are interested in taking real estate courses with intentions of working anywhere in California or Michigan. Positive features include the one-on-one tuition, multiple California campuses, and step-by-step licensing information.

However, it is not IDECC or ARELLO certified, has higher prices than most other schools, and only offers courses in two states. It also has an outdated website with no mobile app. This may influence your decision to choose another school that is certified and offers courses in multiple states or at a lower price.

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Our methodology: How we review real estate schools

We have researched and analyzed numerous facets of each real estate school using a quantitative approach. Some of the elements considered include the cost of the courses, course formats, accreditation and alumni evaluations. We also look at the provider’s overall reputation, the geographic areas where the courses are available, and the qualifications of the instructors. Additionally, we rate how easy the site is to navigate and whether it includes additional resources for students such as blogs, webinars, and career tips.

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